Official Taxi Register

The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms


Address:48 Beacon Av,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 2AD
Address:15 Windermere Cl,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 3DD
Address:Henry Court,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 1HG

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Address:46 Mentmore Cr,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 3NN
Address:18 Matthew Street,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 1SD
Address:135 High Street South,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 3SQ
Address:15 High Street North,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 1HX
Address:59 Ridgeway,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 3RL
Address:5 Houghton Road,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 1DD
Address:Houghton Parade,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 1DA
Address:Houghton Parade,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU6 1DA
Address:52 Arnald Way,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU5 5UN
Address:26 Bedford Sq,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU5 5ES
Address:530high street leagrave,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 0TJ
Address:12 Aldenham Close,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 0RT
Address:22 Brunel Rd,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 0RX
Address:28 Brunel Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 0RX
Address:Thorn Farm House,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU5 6JH
Address:24 westminister garden,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU5 5RT
Address:81 Leighton Road,Leighton Buzzard,Bedfordshire, LU7 9HW
Address:657 Dunstable Rd,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8QR
Address:Hicks Road,St Albans,Hertfordshire, AL3 8LG
Address:6 Hill View Lane,Leighton Buzzard,Bedfordshire, LU7 9BH
Address:12 Summerfield Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU1 1UJ
Address:81 Butely Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 9EW
Address:77 Oakley Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 9PX
Address:119 Beechwood Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 9RX
Address:19 Beverley Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8EU
Address:Hallmark House,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU1 1TW
Address:20 Watling St,Leighton Buzzard,Bedfordshire, LU7 9NB
Address:61,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8RR
Address:19 Connaught Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8EP
Address:53 Ross Close,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU1 5RB
Address:31 Moorhouse Way,Leighton Buzzard,Bedfordshire, LU7 4NT
Address:Station Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 9BA
Address:Station House/Station Rd,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 9BA
Address:27 New Street,Leighton Buzzard,Bedfordshire, LU7 0RL
Address:Unit 19,Leighton Buzzard,Bedfordshire, LU7 4QE
Address:Unit 19/Acacia Close,Leighton Buzzard,Bedfordshire, LU7 4QE
Address:16 Churchill Rd,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8BB
Address:16 Churchill Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8BB
Address:64 Maryport Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8EA
Address:241 Selbourne Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8NP
Address:241 Selbourne Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8NP
Address:334 Selbourne Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8NU
Address:15 Stratford Rd,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8NF
Address:Tring Station,Tring,Hertfordshire, HP23 5QR
Address:30 Clay Furlong,Leighton Buzzard,Bedfordshire, LU7 4TR
Address:60 Stratford Rd,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8NG
Address:39 Hillary Cr,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU1 5JH
Address:374 Leagrave Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU3 1RF
Address:352 Leagrave Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU3 1RF
Address:352 Leagrave Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU3 1RF
Address:352 Leagrave Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU3 1RF
Address:352 Leagrave Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU3 1RF
Address:29 Shelton Avenue,Dunstable,Bedfordshire, LU5 6EL
Address:6 Viscount Close,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU3 2PW
Address:18A Leagrave Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU4 8HZ
Address:82 Norman Road,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU3 1JN
Address:58 Cavendish Rd,Luton,Bedfordshire, LU3 1JQ