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The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms


Address:9 Market Square,Buckingham,Buckinghamshire, MK18 3AB
Address:Unit 1/15 Market Sq,Buckingham,Buckinghamshire, MK18 3AB
Address:36 Alton Gate,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK4 4DJ

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Address:Lockmeadow Farm,Buckingham,Buckinghamshire, MK18 7AS
Address:59 Burleigh Piece,Buckingham,Buckinghamshire, MK18 7BA
Address:Kirkwood Grove,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK5 6FR
Address:2 Orchard Way,Buckingham,Buckinghamshire, MK18 2NG
Address:8B High St,Buckingham,Buckinghamshire, MK18 1NT
Address:64 Redding Grove,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK8 0BG
Address:40 Newbury Court,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK3 5NJ
Address:Maids Moreton House/Vitalograph Business Pk,Buckingham,Buckinghamshire, MK18 1SW
Address:31 Crispin Road,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK8 0JP
Address:29,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK5 8DQ
Address:7 Humber Way,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK3 7PH
Address:114 Blackmoor Gate,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK4 1DN
Address:27 Ridgmont,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK19 6JL
Address:53 Elm Drive,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK19 6JE
Address:53 Elm Drive,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK19 6JE
Address:44 Puxley Road,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK19 6JB
Address:45 Forfar Drive,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK3 7LX
Address:unit 79 caxton court,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK8 8DD
Address:11 Debbs Close,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK11 1DJ
Address:64 Favell Dr,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK4 1AJ
Address:Whaddon Way,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK3 7LB
Address:14 London Road,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK19 6AA
Address:2 Centec Court,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK19 6AQ
Address:Unit 1,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK1 1RB
Address:4 Sinclair Court,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK1 1RB
Address:21 Barton Road,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK2 3JN
Address:23 Erica Rd,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK12 6HS
Address:Auto Centre,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK12 6HS
Address:Erica Road,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK12 6HS
Address:33 White Alder,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK12 6HE
Address:1 6 Barton Road,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK2 3HU
Address:34 Hunter Drive,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK2 3LR
Address:1 Cornelia Close,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK2 3LX
Address:13 Quinton Drive,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK13 9DT
Address:63 Aylesbury St,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK12 5HS
Address:63 Aylesbury Street,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK12 5HS
Address:9 Rylstone Close,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK13 7QT
Address:1 Queensway,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK2 2DG
Address:314 Midsummer Boulevard,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK9 2UB
Address:382 390 Midsummer Boulevard,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK9 2RG
Address:48B Stratford Road,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK12 5LW
Address:25 Arbrook Avenue,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK13 8BN
Address:500 Saxon Gate West,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK9 2HQ
Address:Ennerdale Close,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK2 3DQ
Address:3 Pound Lane,Buckingham,Buckinghamshire, MK18 4LX
Address:Saxon Street,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK13 7RA
Address:Unit 1 Rectory Buildings,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK19 7JD
Address:23 Blundells Road,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK13 7HB
Address:Unit 9 Blundells Road,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK13 7HA
Address:23 Blundells Road,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK13 7HB
Address:66 Teasel Avenue,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK14 7DS
Address:38 St Peters Way,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK13 0ET
Address:8 Coopers Mews,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK14 6HD
Address:49 Tower Drive,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK14 6HX
Address:39 Gibbwin,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK14 5DW
Address:14 Kemble Court,Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire, MK15 9AX
Address:1 Simons Way,Buckingham,Buckinghamshire, MK18 5LZ