Official Taxi Register

The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms


Address:Clearfields Farm,Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire, HP18 0RS
Address:2 Wotton End,Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire, HP18 9NT
Address:25 Murcott Road,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX25 1PL

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Address:White Oak Cottage,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX33 1PR
Address:Badgers Close,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX33 1HP
Address:Moors Edge,Kidlington,Oxfordshire, OX5 2RD
Address:Crendon House,Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire, HP18 9BB
Address:Ridgeway,Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire, HP18 9BF
Address:M40 Junction 8a,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX33 1LJ
Address:Ccb House,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX33 1SL
Address:The Prebendal/Priest End,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 3AA
Address:Chilworth Cottage/Old London Rd,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 2JR
Address:The Oxford Belfry Hotel,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 2JW
Address:The Oxford Belfry,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 2JW
Address:21 Cornmarket,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 2BL
Address:129 Green Ridges,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX3 8LX
Address:1 Swan Walk,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 3HN
Address:30 Upper High Street,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 3EX
Address:32 Ormond Rd,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 3XW
Address:Stanway Road,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX3 8HR
Address:32 Wentworth Rd,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 3XQ
Address:Thame Rd,Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire, HP17 8EW
Address:4 Lupton Rd,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 3SE
Address:The Coach House,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX3 8NX
Address:17 Pauling Rd,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX3 8PU
Address:5 Harts Road,Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire, HP17 8HJ
Address:High St,Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire, HP18 0JD
Address:Market Square,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 6AJ
Address:Brookfield Crescent,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX3 0AZ
Address:124 Churchill Rd,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 4XD
Address:124 Churchill Road,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 4XD
Address:Churchill Road,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 4XD
Address:Paged Road,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 2TD
Address:19 Manston Cl,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 4FA
Address:55 High Street,Thame,Oxfordshire, OX9 7BS
Address:52 Crotch Cr,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX3 0JJ
Address:5 Aldergate Rd,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 2BJ
Address:Buckingham Rd,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 6EF
Address:Chiltern Approach,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 6EF
Address:70A Hollow Way,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 2NH
Address:7200/The Quorum/Alec Issigonis Way,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 2JZ
Address:The Quorum/Alec Issigonis Way,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 2JZ
Address:14 Banks Furlong,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 1UG
Address:2 Crescent Road,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 2PB
Address:19 salford road,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX3 0RX
Address:19 Salford Rd,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX3 0RX
Address:Druce Way,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 6TJ
Address:6 Austen Walk,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 2FW
Address:28 Westfield Close,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 2YB
Address:445 Cowley Road,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 2DN
Address:24 Bartlemas Road,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 1XX
Address:17 Wye Close,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 2NL
Address:1 Ridgefield Road,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 3BS
Address:152A Cowley Road,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 1JJ
Address:22 Windale Avenue,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 6JD
Address:Merlin road,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 6EP
Address:49 Heather Rd,Bicester,Oxfordshire, OX26 3YU
Address:st clements street,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 3AU
Address:74 77 Magdalen Road,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 1RE
Address:39 Westbury Cr,Oxford,Oxfordshire, OX4 3SA