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The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms


Address:Croftlands/Knott St,Ambleside,Cumbria, LA22 0EB
Address:16 Kirkfield,Ambleside,Cumbria, LA22 9HA
Address:28 Kirkfield Rise,Ambleside,Cumbria, LA22 9DX

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Address:2 Benfield,Ambleside,Cumbria, LA22 9RD
Address:main street,Ambleside,Cumbria, LA22 0NT
Address:Unit 5/Victoria St,Windermere,Cumbria, LA23 1AD
Address:10 Oak Street,Windermere,Cumbria, LA23 1EN
Address:11 Upper Oak St,Windermere,Cumbria, LA23 2LB
Address:28,Windermere,Cumbria, LA23 2LJ
Address:Flat 1,Windermere,Cumbria, LA23 3AS
Address:North Terrace,Windermere,Cumbria, LA23 3AU
Address:12 Helm Road,Windermere,Cumbria, LA23 3AY
Address:1 A Belsfield Terrace,Windermere,Cumbria, LA23 3EQ
Address:Hay Loft Barn,Windermere,Cumbria, LA23 3NW
Address:1 The Headlands,Penrith,Cumbria, CA11 0QA
Address:Starnthwaite Ghyll,Kendal,Cumbria, LA8 8JN
Address:Devonshire Barn,Ulverston,Cumbria, LA12 8BJ
Address:49 Sparrowmire La,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 5PU
Address:2 Applerigg,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 6EA
Address:Unit 25 Dockray Hall Road,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 4RU
Address:Mintsfeet Road South,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 6ND
Address:19 Mint Dale,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 6DG
Address:Stricklandgate,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 4RA
Address:30 Highgate,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 4SX
Address:7 Broad Ing Crescent,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 6HA
Address:42 Kirkbarrow,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 5DE
Address:32 Langdale Cres,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 6JU
Address:38 Milnthorpe Rd,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 5AU
Address:35 Burton Rd,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 7LJ
Address:Foxwood Hill,Ulverston,Cumbria, LA12 8PX
Address:8 The Ct,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 7RS
Address:7 Helmside Gardens,Kendal,Cumbria, LA9 7HN
Address:25 Helvellyn St,Keswick,Cumbria, CA12 4EN
Address:2 Forge Close,Keswick,Cumbria, CA12 4NX
Address:25 Coleridge Ct,Keswick,Cumbria, CA12 5QE
Address:Unit 2 High Hill,Keswick,Cumbria, CA12 5LU
Address:wildrose endmoor,Kendal,Cumbria, LA8 0EW
Address:4 Main Street,Kendal,Cumbria, LA8 0EU
Address:4 Main Street,Kendal,Cumbria, LA8 0EU
Address:2a Beetham Rd,Milnthorpe,Cumbria, LA7 7QR
Address:Langdale Crest,Milnthorpe,Cumbria, LA7 7JG
Address:9 Shaw Green,Milnthorpe,Cumbria, LA7 7JB
Address:Rowsley,Milnthorpe,Cumbria, LA7 7JQ
Address:18 Nuns Avenue,Milnthorpe,Cumbria, LA7 7JX
Address:15 Fell Cottages,Grange Over Sands,Cumbria, LA11 6AH
Address:Wood Close Haverbrack,Milnthorpe,Cumbria, LA7 7AJ
Address:12 Sunderland Terr,Ulverston,Cumbria, LA12 7JY
Address:11 Peddar Cottages,Grange Over Sands,Cumbria, LA11 7PJ
Address:43 Devonshire Rd,Ulverston,Cumbria, LA12 9AL
Address:109 Silverdale Road,Carnforth,Lancashire, LA5 0EH
Address:The center of Ulverston,Ulverston,Cumbria, LA12 7AA
Address:Cemetery Lodge,Ulverston,Cumbria, LA12 9HN
Address:22 Oakwood Drive,Ulverston,Cumbria, LA12 9HH
Address:22 Hallfield,Ulverston,Cumbria, LA12 9TA
Address:30 Clifford Road,Penrith,Cumbria, CA11 8PP
Address:30 Clifford Road,Penrith,Cumbria, CA11 8PP
Address:4 Ulverston Road,Ulverston,Cumbria, LA12 0JB
Address:7 Wetheriggs Rise,Penrith,Cumbria, CA11 7ET
Address:1 Castle Terrace,Penrith,Cumbria, CA11 7DW
Address:1 Bigland Dr,Ulverston,Cumbria, LA12 9NU