Offical Taxi Register

The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms


Address:114-116 Fore Street,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG14 1AJ
Address:The Old Maltings,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG13 8ET
Address:Greencoates,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG13 8AP
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Address:Hertford East Railway Station,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG14 1SB
Address:Hertford East Railway Station,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG14 1SB
Address:210 Newland Gardens,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG13 7WZ
Address:188 Newland Gardens,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG13 7WZ
Address:Brookside,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG13 7LL
Address:1 Pearson Cl,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG13 8HQ
Address:25 Tanners Cr,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG13 8DS
Address:4 Crouchfield,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG14 3LP
Address:Rib Vale,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG14 3LE
Address:43 Tudor Way,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG14 2DX
Address:24 Hollycroft,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG14 2DR
Address:53 Windsor Dr,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG14 2HX
Address:296 Ware Rd,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG13 7EX
Address:12 Priors Wood Road,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG13 7QH
Address:1 River Ct,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0QY
Address:2 Courtyard Mews,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0PW
Address:Station Rd,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 9UT
Address:6 Vallans Clo,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0QP
Address:Amberley Green,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0XX
Address:5 Chiltern Cl,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0RN
Address:5 Chiltern Close,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0RN
Address:23 Gosse Close,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 9FG
Address:19 Morice Rd,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 9AX
Address:194 Ware Road,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 9EY
Address:Northfield/Cambridge Rd,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0SU
Address:Station Road,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 8DS
Address:1,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 0RH
Address:25 Lilac Road,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 0PG
Address:White Stubbs Lane,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG13 8QA
Address:Cambridge Rd,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0TN
Address:18 Cambridge Rd,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0TP
Address:The Maltings Roydon Rd,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 8HG
Address:Unit 98 The Maltings,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 8HG
Address:Paradise Wildlife Park,Broxbourne,Hertfordshire, EN10 7QA
Address:38 Glenwood,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 2JS
Address:50 Stortford Rd,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 0AL
Address:Unit 8/Plumpton House/Plumpton Rd,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 0LB
Address:Unit 16/Plumpton House/Plumpton Rd,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 0LB
Address:Unit 8/Plumpton House/Plumpton Road,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 0LB
Address:Sacombe Pk,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0JB
Address:26 Pindar Rd,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 0BZ
Address:Unit 3/Spurling Works/Pindar Rd,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 0DB
Address:30 Beauchamps,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 1FG
Address:Moorlands,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 4PW
Address:27 Poplar Close,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG11 1AY
Address:Weltech Centre,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 2AA
Address:13B Weltech Centre/Ridgeway,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 2AA
Address:School House,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 7QR
Address:Woodland Cottage,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0JH
Address:60 Rowans,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 1PD
Address:32 Caldecot Way,Broxbourne,Hertfordshire, EN10 6PH
Address:Edney Lodge/Dobbs Weir Rd,Hoddesdon,Hertfordshire, EN11 0BD
Address:14 Beane Road,Hertford,Hertfordshire, SG14 3RG
Address:3 Mornington,Welwyn,Hertfordshire, AL6 0AJ
Address:39 High Road,Broxbourne,Hertfordshire, EN10 6HT
Address:1 Ryelands,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 4LH
Address:Unit 4/Tewin Road Business Centre,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 1BH
Address:Unit 4/Tewin Rd Business Centre/Garden Ct,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 1BH
Address:29 Hyde Way,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 3UQ
Address:29 Hyde Way,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 3UQ
Address:29 Hyde Way,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 3UQ
Address:29 Hyde Way,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 3UQ
Address:Unit 4/Peartree Farm/Peartree La,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 3UW
Address:6/Peartree Farm/Peartree La,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 3UW
Address:A/47 Great Ley,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 4TJ
Address:Welwyn North Railway Station/Harmer Green La,Welwyn,Hertfordshire, AL6 0AS
Address:74 Harwood Hill,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL8 7AN
Address:20 Middlefield,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL7 4DJ
Address:10 The Laurels,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN7 6NL
Address:7 Perriors Close,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN7 6AX
Address:Fretherne Chambers/Fretherne Rd,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL8 6NY
Address:Fretherne Chambers,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL8 6NY
Address:2 Lanercost Close,Welwyn,Hertfordshire, AL6 0RW
Address:26 Robinia Road,Broxbourne,Hertfordshire, EN10 6GE
Address:Paget Cottages,Ware,Hertfordshire, SG12 0NL
Address:139 Newgatestreet Road,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN7 5RX
Address:39 Turpins Ride,Welwyn,Hertfordshire, AL6 0QX
Address:13 Hillside Way,Welwyn,Hertfordshire, AL6 0TY
Address:8 Mardleybury Road,Knebworth,Hertfordshire, SG3 6LT
Address:12 Brookside Crescent,Potters Bar,Hertfordshire, EN6 4QN
Address:45 Herongate Road,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN8 0TU
Address:75 Hillview Gardens,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN8 0PB
Address:Masons Parade,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN7 5RJ
Address:16 The Chase,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN7 5PB
Address:16 The Chase,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN7 5PB
Address:59 Beeston Drive,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN8 0QS
Address:7 Campine Close,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN8 0UH
Address:61 Granby Park Road,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN7 6HX
Address:612 Goff's Lane,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN7 5EP
Address:15 Marsden Green,Welwyn Garden City,Hertfordshire, AL8 6YD
Address:577 Goff's Lane,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN7 5HJ
Address:15 Warwick Drive,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN8 0BN
Address:Station Rd,Potters Bar,Hertfordshire, EN6 4HY
Address:Station Rd,Potters Bar,Hertfordshire, EN6 4HY
Address:55 The Crescent,Welwyn,Hertfordshire, AL6 9JG
Address:25 Park Street,Hatfield,Hertfordshire, AL9 5AT
Address:Unit 7/Cheshunt Centre/High St,Waltham Cross,Hertfordshire, EN8 0AQ