Offical Taxi Register

The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms


Address:Market Place,Norwich,Norfolk, NR11 6EH
Address:Market Place,Norwich,Norfolk, NR11 6EH
Address:Dunkirk,Norwich,Norfolk, NR11 6SU

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Address:9 Pound Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR10 5NB
Address:57 Brook Street,Norwich,Norfolk, NR10 5HF
Address:19 Gayford Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR10 4AU
Address:Pond House,Norwich,Norfolk, NR11 7DD
Address:18 Filby Rd,Norwich,Norfolk, NR10 5JW
Address:Park Lodge,Norwich,Norfolk, NR12 7NS
Address:Station Yard,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 0DS
Address:Unit 2f,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 0AN
Address:2 Market Street,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 9BZ
Address:15 Cornish Way,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 0AW
Address:44 Long Barrow Dr,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 9YA
Address:9 Spurdens Crescent,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 9JD
Address:14 Woodside,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 9XA
Address:29 stanley road,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 9EW
Address:29 Stanley Road,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 9EW
Address:2 Newton Street,Norwich,Norfolk, NR10 3AD
Address:10 Old Bakery Ct,Norwich,Norfolk, NR12 7DQ
Address:Broomhill,Norwich,Norfolk, NR10 4QY
Address:4 Trunch Road,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 0PF
Address:Holly Farm Cottage/Meeting Hill Rd,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 9NB
Address:35 bill todd way,Norwich,Norfolk, NR8 6GF
Address:98 Crostwick Lane,Norwich,Norfolk, NR10 3NQ
Address:Unit 11 Drayton Ind Est/Taverham Rd,Norwich,Norfolk, NR8 6RL
Address:Drayton Industrial Estate,Norwich,Norfolk, NR8 6RL
Address:THE DELL,North Walsham,Norfolk, NR28 9PJ
Address:8 Lynwood Rd,Cromer,Norfolk, NR27 0EE
Address:Terminal Bldg,Norwich,Norfolk, NR6 6JA
Address:20 Harbord Road,Cromer,Norfolk, NR27 0BP
Address:139 Stalham Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR12 8EF
Address:20 Grove Rd,Cromer,Norfolk, NR27 0BY
Address:116 Stalham Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR12 8EE
Address:22 CLIFF ROAD,Cromer,Norfolk, NR27 0BU
Address:111 Woodland Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR6 5RJ
Address:5 Stalham Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR12 8DZ
Address:Littlewood Ln,Norwich,Norfolk, NR12 8DZ
Address:Hillview,Cromer,Norfolk, NR27 9JT
Address:2 Bronde Close,Norwich,Norfolk, NR6 7LN
Address:8 Munhaven Close,Norwich,Norfolk, NR11 8AR
Address:12 Hillside Road,Sheringham,Norfolk, NR26 8TT
Address:28 All Saints Way,Norwich,Norfolk, NR11 8BY
Address:11A Church Street,Cromer,Norfolk, NR27 9ER
Address:West Street,Cromer,Norfolk, NR27 9ED
Address:11 Hamilton Road,Cromer,Norfolk, NR27 9HL
Address:6 Hamilton Road,Cromer,Norfolk, NR27 9HL
Address:18 Alfred Road,Cromer,Norfolk, NR27 9AN
Address:3 Seaview Crescent,Sheringham,Norfolk, NR26 8XR
Address:Hercules Rd,Norwich,Norfolk, NR6 5HH
Address:26 Thompson Avenue,Holt,Norfolk, NR25 6EN
Address:15 St Marys Grove,Norwich,Norfolk, NR7 8DJ
Address:25 Pine Gr,Sheringham,Norfolk, NR26 8QG
Address:2 Hillvue Close,Norwich,Norfolk, NR5 0NQ
Address:33 New Street,Holt,Norfolk, NR25 6BD
Address:77 Station Road,Sheringham,Norfolk, NR26 8RG
Address:18 Whiffler Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR3 2AZ
Address:33 New Street,Sheringham,Norfolk, NR26 8EE
Address:21 St. Peters Rd,Sheringham,Norfolk, NR26 8QY
Address:Longwater Works/Dereham Rd,Norwich,Norfolk, NR5 0TL