Official Taxi Register

The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms


Address:6 Walkers Close,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE31 8EP
Address:2 The Pightle,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE31 8HT
Address:Tudor Ridge/Fakenham Rd,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE31 8NW

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Address:Norfolk Heights,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE31 8PW
Address:4 Victoria Av,Hunstanton,Norfolk, PE36 6BX
Address:11 Westgate,Hunstanton,Norfolk, PE36 5AL
Address:6 Fenside,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE31 7BJ
Address:22 Sandringham Drive,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE31 7EN
Address:40 Moor Lane,Fakenham,Norfolk, NR21 9PX
Address:36 Goose Green Road,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE31 7PW
Address:38C Creake Road,Fakenham,Norfolk, NR21 9NQ
Address:Tente,Fakenham,Norfolk, NR21 9PY
Address:79 Mountbatten Road,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE31 6YE
Address:5 Shouldham Close,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE31 6UZ
Address:3 Queens Road,Fakenham,Norfolk, NR21 8BS
Address:1 Cushing Drive,Fakenham,Norfolk, NR21 0NY
Address:Fakenham Rd,Fakenham,Norfolk, NR21 0BD
Address:Station Road,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE32 2HW
Address:11 Queens Close,Holt,Norfolk, NR25 7PQ
Address:Plumford House/Winch Rd,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE32 1QP
Address:9 Melford Close,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 3XH
Address:Silverstone Cottage/Heath Rd,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR20 5EU
Address:2 Ryley Close,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 3YA
Address:33 New Street,Holt,Norfolk, NR25 6BD
Address:12 White Sedge,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 3PN
Address:26 Thompson Avenue,Holt,Norfolk, NR25 6EN
Address:2 Newlands Av,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 2NJ
Address:44 Higham Green,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 4RY
Address:250 Drummond Road,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 3AB
Address:Akenfield/Station Rd,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE32 1NR
Address:Old Bus Station/Drummond Rd,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 3EB
Address:98 Richmond Dr,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 3SF
Address:37 Norfolk Street,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1AH
Address:99 Norfolk Street,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1AQ
Address:9 Railway Road,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1NE
Address:27a Norfolk St,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1AL
Address:17 norfork street,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1AN
Address:Albion St,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1NJ
Address:14 Tuesday Market Place,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1JN
Address:45 Richmond Dr,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 3PQ
Address:36 Roman Bank,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 2SJ
Address:108 Hillington Square,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 5HZ
Address:Office 1/Albert Rd Business Centre,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 3RB
Address:room 1,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 3RB
Address:Albert Road Business Centre,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 3RB
Address:Albert Road Business Centre,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 3RB
Address:Room 1,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 3RB
Address:50 Brunswick Dr,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 2QT
Address:17a Clarendon Road,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 2EY
Address:28 Poppyfields,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE34 3LN
Address:15 Lyndhurst Court,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 2RP
Address:24 Butlin Cl,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 2JN
Address:310 Roman Bank,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 1QP
Address:13 St Huberts Dr,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 2LS
Address:1 Royal Oak Terrace,Skegness,Lincolnshire, PE25 1RN