Official Taxi Register

The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms


Address:Plowright Pl,Swaffham,Norfolk, PE37 7LQ
Address:Plowright Pl,Swaffham,Norfolk, PE37 7LQ
Address:Market Place,Swaffham,Norfolk, PE37 7LA

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Address:Swaffham,Swaffham,Norfolk, PE37 7BZ
Address:London Street,Swaffham,Norfolk, PE37 7DJ
Address:Bridleway House/Shouldham La,Swaffham,Norfolk, PE37 7BH
Address:4 Nicholas Hamond Way,Swaffham,Norfolk, PE37 7TF
Address:52 Highfield Av,Swaffham,Norfolk, PE37 7PS
Address:4 Burnside,Swaffham,Norfolk, PE37 8ER
Address:The Street,Thetford,Norfolk, IP25 6NL
Address:Eastfields,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE32 1SS
Address:70 Hills Road,Thetford,Norfolk, IP25 7EZ
Address:70 Hills Road,Thetford,Norfolk, IP25 7EZ
Address:1/Lower Farm/Lyons Green,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 2JY
Address:Villebois Rd,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE33 9JD
Address:Mill Road,Thetford,Norfolk, IP25 6AN
Address:13 Mill Road,Thetford,Norfolk, IP25 6AN
Address:5 Henrys Court,Thetford,Norfolk, IP25 6UL
Address:Plumford House/Winch Rd,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE32 1QP
Address:Station Road,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE32 2HW
Address:Akenfield/Station Rd,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE32 1NR
Address:12 Eastgate,Thetford,Norfolk, IP25 7NB
Address:28 Dereham Road,Thetford,Norfolk, IP25 7NA
Address:115 The Lammas,Thetford,Norfolk, IP26 5DS
Address:9 Stockholm Way,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 1XF
Address:29 William Way,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 1TQ
Address:Dunlop Road,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 2XL
Address:11 Tebbutt Avenue,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 1PN
Address:29 Watersfield Way,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 1SQ
Address:Quebec Street,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 2DN
Address:5 Moorgate Cottages,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 1BD
Address:6 Church Street,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 1DJ
Address:16 Market Pl,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 2AL
Address:Parkhurst/Park Rd,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 2BT
Address:Unit 7,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR19 1SY
Address:Adelphi Terrace,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE33 9DY
Address:240 Main Road,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE33 0NZ
Address:12 Cholmondeley Way,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE33 0SY
Address:Silverstone Cottage/Heath Rd,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR20 5EU
Address:27 Landseer Drive,Downham Market,Norfolk, PE38 9NG
Address:44 Higham Green,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 4RY
Address:Home Farm Cottage,Attleborough,Norfolk, NR17 1UA
Address:2 Ryley Close,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 3YA
Address:9 Melford Close,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 3XH
Address:1 Nightingale Lane,Downham Market,Norfolk, PE38 0DU
Address:The Fields,Norwich,Norfolk, NR9 4JG
Address:14 Town Est,Downham Market,Norfolk, PE38 9JG
Address:43 Trafalgar Road,Downham Market,Norfolk, PE38 9RY
Address:15 Gogle Close,East Dereham,Norfolk, NR20 3SY
Address:12 White Sedge,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 3PN
Address:Willows Business Park,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE34 3RD
Address:108 Hillington Square,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 5HZ
Address:Albion St,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1NJ
Address:37 Norfolk Street,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1AH
Address:99 Norfolk Street,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1AQ
Address:9 Railway Road,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1NE
Address:17 norfork street,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1AN
Address:27a Norfolk St,Kings Lynn,Norfolk, PE30 1AL
Address:3 Queens Road,Fakenham,Norfolk, NR21 8BS
Address:73 Rowan Dr,Brandon,Suffolk, IP27 0EX