Official Taxi Register

The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms


Address:57 Smeath Lane,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 9JS
Address:5 Scot Lane,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN10 6JT
Address:116 Bigsby Road,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 6SF

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Address:10 Sandringham Rd,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 7QQ
Address:5 Woodbeck Rise,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 7JX
Address:39 Claters Cl,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 6QE
Address:43 Grove Street,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 6LA
Address:35 George St,Gainsborough,Lincolnshire, DN21 2PU
Address:49 Dominie Cross Road,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 6NL
Address:Strawberry Road,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 7EP
Address:54 Wharton Street,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 7EH
Address:Morton Ter,Gainsborough,Lincolnshire, DN21 2RJ
Address:Retford Railway Station/Station Rd,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 7DE
Address:28A North Street,Gainsborough,Lincolnshire, DN21 2HS
Address:30 Hawthorn Avenue,Gainsborough,Lincolnshire, DN21 1HA
Address:58 Grove Coach Rd,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 7HB
Address:21 Dunholme Rd,Gainsborough,Lincolnshire, DN21 1XH
Address:8 Ravendale Rd,Gainsborough,Lincolnshire, DN21 1XA
Address:Welbeck Road,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 7RP
Address:Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield (DSA),Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN9 3RH
Address:Meteor House Robin Hood Airport,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN9 3RH
Address:20 Oak Tree Av,Gainsborough,Lincolnshire, DN21 1FF
Address:79 Heapham Road,Gainsborough,Lincolnshire, DN21 1SP
Address:54 Park Springs Rd,Gainsborough,Lincolnshire, DN21 1PL
Address:48 Elsham Walk,Gainsborough,Lincolnshire, DN21 1SU
Address:6 Hopgarth,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN9 2QB
Address:14 Beechwood Crescent,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 8HP
Address:12 Vulcan Mews,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN9 3EL
Address:22 Hazel Avenue,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN9 3HE
Address:The Holdings,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 0RQ
Address:14 Rawson Road,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN11 9NG
Address:26 St Vincent Ave,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN3 3QR
Address:70 Church Lane,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN4 6QD
Address:11 Laneham Cl,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN4 7HX
Address:Holsamhay/Low St,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 0LN
Address:1 West End Road,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN9 1LA
Address:36 Aldesworth Rd,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN4 6JT
Address:5 Stilwell Gardens,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S81 7RS
Address:3 Scampton Rd,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S81 7RF
Address:12 Granby Court,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN3 3TP
Address:Unit 4,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 2DE
Address:159 Eastgate,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 1QS
Address:Priorswell Road,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 2BY
Address:Worksop Railway Station/Carlton Rd,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S81 7AG
Address:45 South Av,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 2RE
Address:Lincoln View,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 2NB
Address:54 Nutwell Lane,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN3 3JF
Address:34 Toftstead,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN3 3DF
Address:36 Pelham St,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 2TN
Address:33 Church St,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN3 3AE
Address:12 Church View Close,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN9 1PT
Address:86A Newcastle Av,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 1LA
Address:28 Beech Rd,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN3 2DY
Address:4 Inglenook Ct,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 7NZ
Address:5 Doncaster Rd,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN3 2BY
Address:5 Elm Tree Close,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S81 8PG
Address:Wright Trade Park,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN4 8DE
Address:22 Millfield View,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 3QB
Address:22 Markham Avenue,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN3 2AZ
Address:55 Jeffrey La,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN9 1LU