Offical Taxi Register

The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms

Address:15 Stoneleigh Close,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S25 2RZ
Address:5 Elm Tree Close,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S81 8PG
Address:1 Oakdale Road,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S25 4EY
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Address:3 Scampton Rd,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S81 7RF
Address:30 Broom Grove,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S25 5GP
Address:5 Stilwell Gardens,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S81 7RS
Address:3 Cramfit Close,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S25 4GT
Address:12 Sanctuary Fields,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S25 4DD
Address:Oldcotes Rd,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S25 2QS
Address:Unit 4/Dinnington Business Centre/Outgang La,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S25 3QX
Address:Wallingbrook Rise,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 3PG
Address:Worksop Railway Station/Carlton Rd,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S81 7AG
Address:22 Millfield View,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 3QB
Address:Red Way,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 6QA
Address:159 Eastgate,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 1QS
Address:86A Newcastle Av,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 1LA
Address:37 Broad Bridge Close,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 6SL
Address:41 Broad Bridge Close,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 6SL
Address:Unit 4,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 2DE
Address:Priorswell Road,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 2BY
Address:5 Ivanhoe Avenue,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 6NH
Address:Lincoln View,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 2NB
Address:Old Colliery Offices,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 6LR
Address:Old Colliery Offices,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 6LR
Address:36 Pelham St,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 2TN
Address:45 South Av,Worksop,Nottinghamshire, S80 2RE
Address:Unit 4,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 9BQ
Address:Unit 4,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 9BQ
Address:1 Todwick Court,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 9BQ
Address:Penny Hill Lane,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 9BQ
Address:49 Locksley Drive,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 9NT
Address:4 Inglenook Ct,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 7NZ
Address:5 Sycamore Drive,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 9EP
Address:130 Muglet Lane,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 7JU
Address:130 Muglet Lane,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 7JU
Address:8 Rowena Drive,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 9HT
Address:3 Morrell St,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 7LL
Address:2 Devonshire Road,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 7DF
Address:2 Devonshire Road,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 7DF
Address:31 Brow Hill Road,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 8AP
Address:31 Brow Hill Road,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 8AP
Address:8 Disraeli Grove,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 8HT
Address:2 Greenhill Ave,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 8HE
Address:265 Creswell Road,Chesterfield,Derbyshire, S43 4NB
Address:109 Worksop Rd,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 4WB
Address:9 Yarwell Dr,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 8RH
Address:1 Aldrin Way,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 8QT
Address:14 Rawson Road,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN11 9NG
Address:120 Sheffield Road,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S21 1EB
Address:123 High Street,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S21 1BL
Address:123 High Street,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S21 1BL
Address:29A Bridge Street,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S21 1AH
Address:12 Queens Road Swallownest,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 4UQ
Address:14 Beechwood Crescent,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 8HP
Address:Pickering Cr,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 4NH
Address:11A Hawthorne Close,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S21 1BH
Address:2 Coquet Avenue,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 1TU
Address:40 Clifton Avenue,Chesterfield,Derbyshire, S43 4HF
Address:The Winnows,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 4UN
Address:65 Rowan Tree Road,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S21 1FA
Address:12 Sorby Road,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S26 4SE
Address:6 Westfield Lane,Chesterfield,Derbyshire, S43 4TP
Address:Westthorpe Business Innovation Centre,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S21 1TZ
Address:8 Windsor Close,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 3RS
Address:5 Holly Crescent,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S66 3PL
Address:2 Sandy Acres Close,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S20 7LT
Address:Farm Sheffield,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S20 8LU
Address:9 Cow Rakes La,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 4AF
Address:222 Broom Lane,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 3NW
Address:241 Birley Spa La,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S12 4BW
Address:75 Wickersley Road,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 3PU
Address:46 Grange Rd,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 3LB
Address:17 Treetown Crescent,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 5QD
Address:5 Market Street,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S21 4EG
Address:35 MILE OAK ROAD,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 3AW
Address:5 Scot Lane,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN10 6JT
Address:Bankside/14 Brunswick Rd,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 2RH
Address:16 Edmund Avenue,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 5LL
Address:170 Ravencar Road,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S21 4JS
Address:Wooldale Croft,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S20 6TA
Address:Reservoir Houses,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S21 4GR
Address:38 Olivers Way,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 5UD
Address:9 Staview drive,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S12 4HB
Address:10 Sandringham Rd,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 7QQ
Address:5 Medlock Close,Sheffield,South Yorkshire, S13 9BA
Address:1 Nabeel Ct,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 2PL
Address:8 Caunton Close,Mansfield,Nottinghamshire, NG20 9QD
Address:46 Baines Avenue,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN12 1PQ
Address:Central Terrace,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN12 1DJ
Address:25 Bowen Road,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S65 1LH
Address:14 High Street,Chesterfield,Derbyshire, S43 3UX
Address:5 Woodbeck Rise,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 7JX
Address:13 Nelson Road,Doncaster,South Yorkshire, DN12 1AU
Address:Unit 5,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 2DS
Address:Ship Hill,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 2HG
Address:Retford Railway Station/Station Rd,Retford,Nottinghamshire, DN22 7DE
Address:153 Masbrough Street,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S65 1HW
Address:18 Main Street,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 1AJ
Address:18 domine lane,Rotherham,South Yorkshire, S60 1QA
Address:3 Deepdale Road,Chesterfield,Derbyshire, S44 6BY