Offical Taxi Register

The Taxi Register lists UK registered Taxi, Minicab, Minibus, Limos and Airport Transfers. To find a Company, simply enter your Postcode or Town to view the local Taxi firms


Address:Unit 8 Harbour Road Industrial Estate,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR32 3LZ
Address:Unit 8/Harbour Rd,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR32 3LZ
Address:6 The Staithe,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 9AF
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Address:56 Greenfield Rd,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 9EF
Address:35 Britten Rd,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 9BW
Address:15 Crestview Dr,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR32 4EL
Address:109 Oulton Road,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR32 4QW
Address:109 Oulton Rd,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR32 4QW
Address:Lantern House,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 0JA
Address:6 Wilson Rd,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 0JA
Address:12 Yewdale,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 8WF
Address:12 Yewdale,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 8WF
Address:2 Pier Ter,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 0AB
Address:92 Wollaston Rd,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR32 2PF
Address:2 Harvest Dr,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 7NJ
Address:63 Pinbush Road,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 7NL
Address:59 Pinbush Rd,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 7NL
Address:17 Barley Way,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 7NH
Address:24 DORLEY DALE,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR32 1UF
Address:24 Reeve Street,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR32 1UF
Address:7 Lawn Grove,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR32 4XG
Address:29 Saint Edmunds Crescent,Lowestoft,Suffolk, NR33 7PT
Address:Unit 9B/Ellough Ind Est,Beccles,Suffolk, NR34 7TD
Address:Moor Business Park,Beccles,Suffolk, NR34 7TQ
Address:3 Hillcrest Close,Beccles,Suffolk, NR34 7BY
Address:Priory Farm,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 9HE
Address:17 Woodside,Beccles,Suffolk, NR34 9LR
Address:10 St Annes Way,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 9LH
Address:103 Station Road North,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 9NW
Address:8 School Corner,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 8QL
Address:7 Oak Av,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 8NG
Address:Fredrick Road Garage,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 8BN
Address:6 High St,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 6RT
Address:Suffling Rd,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR30 3QP
Address:The Design Centre/Hewett Rd,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 0NN
Address:Swift House/Morton Peto Rd,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 0LT
Address:Main Cross Rd,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR30 3NZ
Address:Vanguard Road,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 0NT
Address:Unit 2 Vanguard Road,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 0NT
Address:65 Blackfriars Road,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR30 3BZ
Address:127-130 South Quay,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR30 3LD
Address:30 Station Drive,Norwich,Norfolk, NR13 3JF
Address:30 Station Drive,Norwich,Norfolk, NR13 3JF
Address:26 Old School Drive,Southwold,Suffolk, IP18 6JZ
Address:The Old Forge/London Rd,Beccles,Suffolk, NR34 8EL
Address:4 Winifred Rd,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR31 0BL
Address:49 Kingfisher Crescent,Southwold,Suffolk, IP18 6XL
Address:Si-an,Halesworth,Suffolk, IP19 8RQ
Address:8 Lakeside Park Dr,Southwold,Suffolk, IP18 6YB
Address:9 Kittens Lane,Loddon,Norfolk, NR14 6JU
Address:19 Hardley Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR14 6NF
Address:Cherrytree Cottage,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR29 3EH
Address:The Byre,Bungay,Suffolk, NR35 1RU
Address:52 Orchard Valley,Halesworth,Suffolk, IP19 8LX
Address:2 Yarmouth Road,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR30 5AA
Address:52 Tan La,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR30 5DW
Address:BRIDGE STREET,Halesworth,Suffolk, IP19 8AB
Address:M B Site,Norwich,Norfolk, NR13 4EZ
Address:25 Mill Lane,Norwich,Norfolk, NR15 1DH
Address:2/Broadview Court/Thrigby Rd,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR29 3HJ
Address:35 Englands Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR13 3EQ
Address:114 California Rd,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR29 3QW
Address:99 Beach Road,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR29 3PG
Address:7 The Chase,Norwich,Norfolk, NR13 4LZ
Address:16 Danesbower Close,Norwich,Norfolk, NR13 4LR
Address:Stradbroke House,Saxmundham,Suffolk, IP17 3PL
Address:16 Manor Farm Barns,Norwich,Norfolk, NR14 7PZ
Address:4 Carr Av,Leiston,Suffolk, IP16 4JA
Address:41 Leeds Way,Norwich,Norfolk, NR12 8LU
Address:13 Earnshaw Ct,Norwich,Norfolk, NR7 0BJ
Address:23 Padgate,Norwich,Norfolk, NR13 5DG
Address:3-5 High Street,Leiston,Suffolk, IP16 4EL
Address:1a High Street,Leiston,Suffolk, IP16 4EL
Address:26 Mill Hill,Norwich,Norfolk, NR12 8LF
Address:11 Cross Street,Leiston,Suffolk, IP16 4DF
Address:2 South Cl,Leiston,Suffolk, IP16 4BD
Address:Carlton Cottage,Saxmundham,Suffolk, IP17 2QE
Address:173 Moore Avenue,Norwich,Norfolk, NR7 9RF
Address:43 Fugill Rd,Norwich,Norfolk, NR7 9QY
Address:3 Hastings Close,Norwich,Norfolk, NR15 1NY
Address:3 Hastings Close,Norwich,Norfolk, NR15 1NY
Address:4 Saint Catherine's Avenue,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR29 5AP
Address:128 Mansfield Lane,Norwich,Norfolk, NR1 2LG
Address:10 Lower Clarence Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR1 1HD
Address:Tabard Cottage/The St,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR29 5AZ
Address:Tabard Cottage,Great Yarmouth,Norfolk, NR29 5AZ
Address:100 Salhouse Road,Norwich,Norfolk, NR7 9DW